Dental problems disappear

My tooth was prayed for on a “Happy Thursday” evening. It had been a problem for weeks and I could no longer bite on that side. Three days after the prayer the problems were gone. That was about 4 weeks ago and all is well. Thank you Jesus!  M.H.

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Teeth and gums healed!

I had health problems with my teeth and gums. I often put floss into the healing basket, the content of which Pastor George always prayed for. Every night I wove this floss around my teeth (looked like a kind of brace). I believed the Glory of God could then work on my teeth while I sleep. After having done this for some time my teeth became whiter and my gums became healthier, the dark deposits...

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Wisdom tooth supernaturally disappeared before surgery

I attended the weekend with Pastor Georg in Winterthur in Switzerland where I purposely included my family, friends and customers in prayer. Three days later my friend told me the following: She had to have a wisdom tooth out which, according to her dentist, would be difficult. When she arrived for her appointment, the dentist could not find the tooth! She said a miracle has happened! She had no...

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