Foot shrinks and many other miracles!

Dear Pastor Georg,On the 2nd October 2013 I was in the service in Deggendorf.For years I’d had a problem when buying shoes. It wasn’t easy finding a pair as my right foot was a shoe size bigger than my left foot. When I told you my problem, you laid your hand on the longer foot and it got smaller. After checking their length you laid your hand on the foot again and the result was: both feet are...

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Children experience the miracle power of God!

Dear Pastor Georg,Four weeks ago you had the children fetched from Sunday School and you prayed for them all during the service. Our Nico was amongst them.About a week later on the Thursday he ran a high temperature. Before he went to bed he proclaimed that he was healthy and that “Jesus has thrown all sickness on the cross!”The following morning he was fine and went to school! That afternoon...

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Lady with MS gets up from her wheelchair

Dear Irina & Georg, you great Treasures of God!We thank you with all our hearts for the healing that took place yesterday evening in Salzburg. Experiencing the love of God through you is priceless.Ruth got out of her wheelchair. She could feel the love in you – the love of God in you made her able to move. Later we noticed that there were other signs of healing to be seen in her which I...

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Healing from a pinched nerve and movement disability

God is really alive!!!Yesterday afternoon when I got up from the sofa a nerve in the spine got pinched. I had terrible pain from my head to the hips. The whole day I was unable to move my head properly, couldn’t lift my left arm and just couldn’t move correctly. Nevertheless, I decided to do to church and ask Pastor Georg to pray for me.As he prayed I could feel the power of God in me and...

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23 kg weight loss!

Hello Dear Georg,I weighed 106 kg and now weigh 83 kg (I also once weighed 110 kg). Many are perplexed and would like to know how that happened.Well, with God all things are possible! Again, thank you for coming to Nuremberg and making this possible through the power of God.N.L.

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The end to loss of hair and hot flashes!

My Dear Family,With me an antidote for the change-of-life was found.I was plagued with hot flashes and they are now a thing of the past, yahoooo! For those men who do not know what the ladies have to put up with – the body starts to heat up and sweat as though one had been thrown into the cooking pot. Afterwards it’s the other way around – it’s as though you’ve been put in a fridge and then the...

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Teenagers experience golddust!

For quite a while now I have gold glitter on my hands. At first I never thought anything of it. However, today after the Miracle Weekend I suddenly realized that it’s supernatural!Because I wasn’t sure I went and washed my hands. After washing them a few times the gold remained on my hands! It’s as though it comes out of my pores. Hallelujah!Whilst writing this to you I took a look at my hands...

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Crutches unnecessary – foot supernaturally healed!

On Thursday evening I had an accident. The doctor said that I would need crutches to walk with for at least 2 weeks.On Saturday I got a lift to the Healing Service and received prayer there. During the sermon I noticed a change in my foot and to my surprise noticed that I could put weight on my foot. I then took a walk in the church building and walked up and down the stairs and gave my crutches...

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Lost earring suddenly reappears!

Going home after the church service on Thursday I lost one of my earrings. Because it was my favorite earring I looked for it everywhere. The next day I searched for it in the church and also on the road where I had walked. David preached that evening about the acoustic of sound in all things and how he got his wallet back. On my way home that Friday night I declared out loud that my earring...

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Liver tests become normal!

Hallo Pastor Georg,A few months ago when you set free the anointing in the basket of clothes you said that someone had put a clothing item in the basket especially for a person with an incurable sickness. I came forward and said that it was for the mother of a client of mine who had Cirrhosis. You then spoke directly into the item. I then told my client to lay the clothing item on his mother and...

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