Straightening of a weak crooked neck and crooked thoracic spine – lady grows another 3 – 4 cm!

Dear Georg, As promised a while ago I wish to testify in writing what I experienced in a Glory and Miracle Church Service. Since my childhood I’ve suffered with a crooked cervical and thoracic spine. These ailments caused problems with things like pillows and mattresses of which mostly always ended up in bad buys. One morning this summer during my prayer time I laid hands on my neck and prayed...

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A new Christian prays and an abscess dissolves

Hi there, My colleague who converted to Christ through me prayed for her husband. He had an abscess surgically removed on his neck which grew again in the same place. On Friday my colleague said to her husband, “I will now pray for you and you’ll then see if you need an appointment with the doctor on Monday or not.” She prayed in the Name of Jesus and by Monday there was no sign of the abscess –...

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Lumps are disappearing, hollow back is gone

Dear Irina and George Karl with the Glory Life movement, For a few months now I had could feel little lumps in my throat and on the upper part of my body. I kept ignoring it because the thought that my voice would be affected etc. made me scared and worried. At the moment when George had the impression that God was dissolving things we don’t need for us in a lake like lumps, tumors, Psoriasis...

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Vocal cords are loosened – lumps dissolve

Dear Glory Life Family, A week ago on Sunday a lady from the Healing Team prayed for my throat. Before prayer there was a tension on my vocal cords– I had a huge “frog in my throat” and I could feel lumps there – I could only speak hoarsely. Since prayer I have noticed a strong improvement. As a result I love to sing even more than before. I can no longer feel any lumps – it is so great! During...

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