Cyst disappears from lower abdomen!

On the 13th July I attended the Sunday service in the Glory Life Zentrum. After praise and worship whilst still standing by the stage Pastor Georg said: Give a bit of love and hug someone on the way to your seat. I embraced someone from the healing team and whilst hugging me she put her hand on my abdomen exactly on the place where I had a cyst (I had not told anyone at church about this...

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Fascinating renewal of the body

DruckenE-MailDear George and Irina, Even though it has been weeks ago I’m still almost daily thankful for the wonderful healings that have happened to me during the church service in Stuttgart. Since then I am able to walk better. God has given me a fascinating renewal of my body. I can only stand in awe. To be honest I actually wanted to wait longer before testifying because although I had...

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Healed from gynecological problems, nervous twitch and scoliosis

Dear Pastor Georg, While watching a Glory Life Service on internet I was completely healed of  gynecological problems. My short-sightedness was also healed – I can now read without glasses. It’s not healed 100 % but that will still come. I am writing now without glasses. The twitching in my legs and stomach has also gone. I suffered with this for a long time. And my back has been straightened...

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Healed per voice message from stomach cramps

A lady who attended a Glory Home Group sent me a WhatsApp saying she had stomach cramps and would not be able to come. I prayed using voice message on WhatsApp and commanded the cramps to leave her. I then sent the message.  Twenty minutes later she arrived at the Home Group smiling and saying, “You are not of this world”. When she had listened to the voice message the cramps immediately...

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