Raising from death

Report of raising the dead by Gloryhaus leader (doctor) on vacation!

We were on vacation in France on the Atlantic coast.  My sister-in-law invited us to a service in the small reformed church where she lived. There were only 30-40 older people in the building. Our inner vision has long been to bring back to life the heritage of the Huguenot revival that had been buried for centuries. As the pastor of the reformed church spoke about Mt 16:18 (I will build my...

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Awakening of the dead on vacation

DruckenE-MailDear Georg, as promised, I wish to tell you about the most amazing miracle of all during the time of my faith. I was in a hotel in Tunisia with my children from 29 August to 9 September. I had lots of chats with people working there including a man called Abdul who told me on the Saturday before our departure about a pain he had in his left arm and heart. He had this as a result of...

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Unborn child had no heart beat and lives again

Hello Pastor Georg, Recently I visted a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for about a year and a half. I told her about raising the dead – she believed what I told her and also that God performs miracles. On Monday I received a WhatsApp from her that she is 5 weeks pregnant with her second child. I congratulated her but, shortly after, I received another WhatsApp saying that the baby is dead....

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