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Unborn child had no heart beat and lives again

12. February 2021

Hello Pastor Georg,
Recently I visted a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for about a year and a half.
I told her about raising the dead – she believed what I told her and also that God performs miracles.
On Monday I received a WhatsApp from her that she is 5 weeks pregnant with her second child.
I congratulated her but, shortly after, I received another WhatsApp saying that the baby is dead. There was no heart beat to be heard and she had to go into hospital for a womb scrape.
I immediately called her on the phone and asked if I could pray for her. I commanded in the Name of Jesus that the child lives. I then thanked God all day for it.
In the evening my husband and I prayed together and my husband again spoke life into the child and commanded the devil to keep away.
The following day I got a WhatsApp telling me that she was in hospital and they were able to hear heart beat. She believes that God gave her a miracle.
On Thursday she again had to go to the hospital for an examination and the heart is definitely beating. The baby is alive!
God is amazing. Thank you for your prayers.

Kind regards,

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