Tumour marker results drop dramatically so that an operation is no longer necessary!

Dear Georg, I received good news from the gynaecologist today. At the end of October 2014 I spoke to you and you then prayed for me (I was supposed to have an operation to remove malignant cysts and an ovary with the option that I may have to have a total hysterectomy). Today I received the tumour marker result which is 15.6. This is a normal value. Normal value is less than 35. Before the...

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Healed from cervical cancer

A School of Supernatural Life participant reports:  Dear George and Irina, Today I wish to briefly tell you that a long-time friend of mine visited me and casually told me that the cervical cancer she had is gone. When she had visited me 3 weeks ago she told me about the diagnosis as though she had a bad cold. She explained that she would need an operation to cut it out. Funnily I also just took...

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After 21 years, the consequences of sudden birth healed

Dear Glory Life Team, I contacted Andrea from your team at the Winterthur Conference and asked her to pray for every kind of abdominal pain. Due to sudden birthing 21 years ago, the mucous membranes in my lower abdomen tore and I suffered shock. This only happens once in a 1000 women. As a result of this, I continually suffered from gynaecological problems and consequently had to frequently see...

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