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Heavenly surgery – polyp removed from uterus

14. June 2023

Dear pastor Georg,

to the glory of God, I want to give you medical and spiritual feedback on my daughter’s healing, after consulting with her and seeing the medical documents.

When you spoke a word of knowledge on Saturday afternoon at the conference that cysts and polyps are now being dissolved in women, my daughter received this word for herself. At that moment, as parents who were there, we had the same thought: it is for her!

She had a surgery appointment scheduled right after the conference on Monday for removal of a polyp and other suspicious tissue in the uterus that showed up sonographically as a mass.

After the anesthesia, the surgeon came and told her that he was quite amazed.

Her uterus was completely fine. He performed only a simple scraping, which was later described by the laboratory as inconspicuous, because the excess tissue and the polyp had already been removed! He had only seen a fresh scar from an operation during the uterus endoscopy and wanted to know when and where she had had an operation!

She told him that she had not had surgery, but added that she had prayed and so it was God!

Thank you Lord Jesus! She believes and we believe with her that God truly operated on her at the conference, because the scars were still very fresh and the excess tissue was removed!

Best regards


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