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Taken back 18 years in time: Healed and pain free

14. June 2023

Dear Pastor Georg, dear Pastor Irina and dear team,
I had an ankle fracture in 2005 and a femoral neck fracture in 2018 with severe mobility limitations and severe pain. Pastor George took me back 18 years in time when everything was fine. He released me from the time period of being bound. I myself never had the revelation of being bound. Now I proclaim every day, I am no longer bound, I am free and loose, I am healed.

I am free and loose, hallelujah. Now I can go for a walk again. What a gift from God. To Him be all the glory. Thank you Pastor George, Pastor Irina and team for coming to Switzerland and ministering to us so much. Be mightily blessed. Best regards from Switzerland, M.W.

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