Word of knowledge: freed from knee pain

Dear ones, last Sunday during worship a word of knowledge for knee problems came up. Since I had already prayed about it a few months ago (the pain was less, but I was not 100% pain free), I continued to place myself on the accomplished victory and did not report. A healing servant, who knew about it, got the impulse to ask me if the legs were the same length. She checked this and...

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Really great healing: legs are the same length again

Hello everyone, when Marion prayed for me on Sunday, she noticed that my legs were not the same length. And while she was holding my feet in her hands, the legs were already brought to the same length. And that has had a tremendous impact on my mobility since then. It's such a joy to notice the improvement in walking, skating, climbing stairs, just everything. There's been a really big healing,...

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Healed from acute pain and sleeping problems at Glory Life in Augsburg

For ages G. was unable to sleep at night because of acute pain in her legs. It was so bad that she went to the doctor. He gave her medicine but when she read the package information leaflet she was shocked to find out all the side effects one could get from it. We prayed for her in our house church. The following day she got up and all pain was gone and she had slept all through the night! Her...

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Powerful miracles happened whilst listening to the Glory Life messages!

Hello Dear Glory Lifers! I once again wish to thank you for your wonderful sermons. They refresh me every time I listen to them! And now miracles are also starting to take place for me. In summer I broke 2 ribs and the doctor said I’d need at least 4 weeks to recover. It only took one week and I was fine. A while later I got badly sunburnt which turned into itchy blisters. Within a half an hour...

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Healing from shoulder problems, Erysipelas (also called St. Anthony’s fire), and a visual defect!

Dear Georg, About 3 years ago my mother continually had acute pain in her shoulder. Two years ago it was so bad she was unable to move her shoulder. We visited a Miracle Service and prayer was received for the shoulder. The healing started – at first it was about 30 %. Over the following 6 months the pain got less and less and for the last 1 ½ years she has been totally pain free and she can now...

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A friend is healed from lung problems, experiences supernatural correction of leg length and converts!

Dear Georg, I just have to let you know what happened. Do you remember when you asked on Thursday if someone had a lung ailment or if someone knew a person with such a problem… and I went forward because of my school friend whom I have known for 40 years? She was diagnosed this year with a dangerous lung embolism and therefore suffered with asthma. Today was the day. I helped her to unpack...

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Neighbor is healed from leg and back problems

DruckenE-MailLast week my neighbor told me that she has been completely healed since I prayed for her! A while ago she told me about the complaints she had with her leg since a fall. The doctors were unable to help further. When she told me this I could feel power in my right hand. I told her about the power I was feeling and said that I was sure that God wished to heal her. She agreed and came...

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Neighbor healed from legs of different lengths, back and hip problems!

This morning I had a divine meeting on the street with a neighbor of mine. She invited me to her home for coffee. Outside she already told me that her one leg was shorter than the other. ‘ And that her hips were encumbered. Later on I was able to pray for her. I at first prayed for her back where she had a pain. I then commanded in the name of Jesus the correction of the length of her legs (the...

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Lady’s leg is healed and she can walk without aid

Dear Pastor Georg, Here is the miracle that I told you about. When you prayed for the Healing Team and set free that we would see in advance what healings would take place, at first I saw a mixed up whirl of bones flying through the air. When I asked what this means, I saw these bones again and knew that a creative miracle would take place. Z came to me for prayer on crutches. It was a strain...

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Leg grows – hip problems disappear

I went to a Glory Life Service in July 2018 after watching them on YouTube. Since 2005 I’ve had problems with my musculoskeletal system (hips) and they have wanted to operate on me twice. I, however, declined to have this done. Neither various medical treatments, homeopathic treatments nor physiotherapy brought any noticeable improvement.In December 2018 I could hardly walk and my son took me to...

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Inflammation in the leg decreases, people are saved by Glory House home group participants

In the last Glory House home group we prayed together for a 60 year old man that had recently given his life to Jesus. He suffered with an acute inflammation in his leg which was spreading despite having had his foot amputated and, as a result, had to be in a wheelchair.  A few days after having prayed for him the infection decreased so that he was once again able to walk on crutches. His soul...

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