Personal miracle reports

Neighbor healed from legs of different lengths, back and hip problems!

19. February 2021

This morning I had a divine meeting on the street with a neighbor of mine.
She invited me to her home for coffee.
Outside she already told me that her one leg was shorter than the other.

And that her hips were encumbered.
Later on I was able to pray for her.
I at first prayed for her back where she had a pain.
I then commanded in the name of Jesus the correction of the length of her legs (the other leg suddenly got longer). Before I was finished speaking both her legs already had the same length.
The pain in her back hadn’t completely gone so I commanded once again and there was a “snap” and she was completely healed! She could bend down again. She was additionally set free from burdens and she experienced a deep peace.
I was able to give her a pamphlet and invited her to a Glory & Miracle Weekend.
I give Jesus all the glory for what happened!

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