Little girl no longer needs a bone marrow transplantation!

A little girl in my sister’s neighbourhood had leukaemia. A search for a donor with matching tissue was started in Osnabruck. In the meantime, during a miracle church service in Hamburg, we put a present in the cloth basket (for healing prayer) to give to her in the hospital. It’s now 3 months later and my sister told us that the little girl’s blood values are so normal that a transplantation is...

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A boy healed of leukemia after a dream and after prayer!

I go regularly to a prayer group in the firm I work for. We pray for our workday, for our firm and for the people. A while ago I had a dream of a 6-8 year old boy who screamed in pain. I knew that he had leukemia. In the prayer group I asked if anyone of my colleagues knew of a boy with leukemia. A colleague said that his nephew suffered from leukemia. Together we all prayed for him and set free...

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Healing testimonies from work and the neighborhood – leukemia is healed

A colleague was looking poorly. I asked her what the matter was. She had pain in the shoulder and could not lift her arm. After prayer she lifted her arm high and the pain was gone. I prayed for another colleague that she would become free from lactose intolerance and for a ganglion cyst on her wrist. She noticed that the ganglion cyst had gone down. She also told me that she had eaten cheese...

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