Personal miracle reports

Healing testimonies from work and the neighborhood – leukemia is healed

17. February 2021

A colleague was looking poorly. I asked her what the matter was. She had pain in the shoulder and could not lift her arm. After prayer she lifted her arm high and the pain was gone.

I prayed for another colleague that she would become free from lactose intolerance and for a ganglion cyst on her wrist. She noticed that the ganglion cyst had gone down. She also told me that she had eaten cheese noodles and had no discomfort in the stomach area, that she must now be healed from lactose intolerance.
I also prayed for my neighbor who was then healed from back problems, inflammation of a tendon and problems with his ankle.He has told me that he has now also started to pray successfully for the sick. A man came and thanked him because he was completely healed from leukemia;he said to my neighbor, “You prayed it away!”
God is so good! M.H.

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