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Deaf ears open, little girl wakes out of a coma healed, a financial miracle after prayer

17. February 2021

Hello my Dears,

Just want to let you know what God has done over the last 3 weeks.
On Sunday the 27 May we met up with Daniela for her testimony which she gave in Landsberg. Afterwards we wanted to pray for the sick but there was no longer time so a sister came with to Daniela’s home. She needed prayer because she was unable to hear properly with her left ear. I stuck my finger in her ear and said “In the name of Jesus, out!” and clicked with my fingers. She then said she can hear again!I clicked my fingers by the right ear and she said she now couldn’t hear so well as from the left ear. I commanded, “Out, in Jesus Name!” Immediately both her ears heard the same which was confirmed by snapping my fingers.I was so surprised with what had happened – I could hardly believe that Jesus can heal through me. You should’ve seen my face!
Another sister asked me to pray for a 5 year old girl in Hungary who had been hit by a car and lay in a coma. We prayed for this child. Another lady asked me to pray for her finances. She had lost a case in court and had to pay €5500. We prayed.
The following day I received a photo in WhatsApp from Hungary of a little girl sitting on the edge of a hospital bed laughing. I could see slight bruising under her eyes. That was the girl we had prayed for the day before. On Tuesday the doctors were happy with her and she was discharged from the hospital.
The same day I received a message from the sister who had to pay court fees. She wrote, “Yesterday we prayed about the court fees. Today I received a call from the Union saying I should send them the bill so that they can settle it.
HALLELUJA! God is good. G.A.

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