Angel encounter

Angel moves an oncoming car into the correct lane!

Today (24.07.14) when I was going home after work a car which had overtaken a truck in the curve came towards me. There was no way I could avoid this car but then I saw how someone took the car and put it in the correct lane in front of the truck. It was strange to see a car driving “awkwardly” and then I saw an angel standing there and it waved to me! With love, M.I.

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Heavenly choir accompanies drive

Dear Georg, Like nearly everyone I experienced the most wonderful things over the Pentecost weekend. I wish to share one of them with you: On my way home on Friday I heard for the first time “angel music”. To the right in the front of my car I heard a whole choir with such a heavenly soft but such clear voices that I find it difficult to describe. I was a bit confused and thought I had my window...

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Supernatural healing and the laying on of hands by God!

Hi Georg, Astrid and Valerie prayed for me in the healing rooms. When they left my soul was restless – they hadn’t prayed for everything on my list! Tatjana and Tanja delivered a youth next to me and I wanted to join in by also praying with them. However, something in me told me to rather receive. As I lay there I suddenly got a headache which often was the case with me. I prayed, “Thank you...

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