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Supernatural healing and the laying on of hands by God!

23. April 2021

Hi Georg,
Astrid and Valerie prayed for me in the healing rooms. When they left my soul was restless – they hadn’t prayed for everything on my list!
Tatjana and Tanja delivered a youth next to me and I wanted to join in by also praying with them. However, something in me told me to rather receive.
As I lay there I suddenly got a headache which often was the case with me. I prayed, “Thank you Father, you know what is on my list so if it’s your will that someone should come to me then you will send them.”
I had my eyes closed. I suddenly felt as though a person walked around me and then stood behind me. I felt a hand on my head and it became warm. It felt as though someone held an infra-red heating lamp over my head exactly there where the pain was. It felt so good and I really enjoyed it.
After a while I looked around and there was no one with me. Later I asked people if they had seen someone behind me. There was no one! As we moved on to Room 3 I laid my hand on the left side of my head where I’d felt the warmth and it was warm – the right side was cold. Lona confirmed this. When I gave my testimony she said that she sat right next to me and felt wind which she often felt when angels were moving around. When she felt this wind next to her she was able to breath freely (she had asthma which then got better).
For the rest of the evening I could still feel the warmth which later actually burnt into my brain which was quite sore but also pleasant.
I later googled to find out what the left side of the brain was responsible for: speech, concentration, the control of the right side of the body and with that also my right hand which had been giving me problems through cramps. These were the points on my list. I actually thought the problems came from my thyroids but God sees and knows everything. He is so good! Thank you Father for your healing which I have received!!!
With love,

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