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Leg grows – hip problems disappear

10. February 2021

I went to a Glory Life Service in July 2018 after watching them on YouTube.
Since 2005 I’ve had problems with my musculoskeletal system (hips) and they have wanted to operate on me twice. I, however, declined to have this done.
Neither various medical treatments, homeopathic treatments nor physiotherapy brought any noticeable improvement.
In December 2018 I could hardly walk and my son took me to a specialist in Stuttgart. His first impression was that the problem was with the hips. He then checked the length of my legs and determined a difference of 6 cm. He was very surprised that no other doctor had noticed this. He sent me for an X-ray before doing anything else. My next appointment with him was on 19 January 2019.
Three days before this appointment, I had the opportunity to visit a Glory Home Group near Stuttgart. On this particular Tuesday I really felt pulled and pushed to go along. What happened on this evening was so supernatural that I cannot describe it in human words. The discrepancy of the length of my legs was the most important thing. Hands were laid on me and I was prayed for. In this way everything fell into the divine order of God – at the end there were only 1-2 millimeter difference in the length of my legs. That evening I was also delivered from emotional stress. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!
As already mentioned, I had a follow-up appointment that Friday with Dr. R in Stuttgart. He happily told me I did not need to have an operation – HALLELUJAH.
He checked my legs again and could not believe his eyes – only 1-2 millimeter difference in length!
“What did you do?” he asked me in surprise.
“Do you really want to know?” I asked him.
“Yes, I insist on it and I can handle the answer.”
I pointed to heaven and told him about my miracle. Dr. R said he’d had patients whereby new limbs had grown, and there were some who had received new teeth. He asked me for more information about the Glory Life Church.
THANK YOU to the Healing Team and the Glory Home Group team.
Best regards, E.F.

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