Personal miracle reports

Lady’s leg is healed and she can walk without aid

10. February 2021

Dear Pastor Georg,
Here is the miracle that I told you about.
When you prayed for the Healing Team and set free that we would see in advance what healings would take place, at first I saw a mixed up whirl of bones flying through the air. When I asked what this means, I saw these bones again and knew that a creative miracle would take place.
Z came to me for prayer on crutches. It was a strain and painful for her to move with these. She told me that a car hit her on 13 November which resulted in a multifragmentary fracture in her left leg. Some bones were twisted with each other. The leg was pretty much broken.
She had an appointment with the surgeon the following morning. She did not want to have an operation, she wanted Jesus to heal her. The doctor had given her a leg brace but she had not used it.
I remembered thepicture of the bones whirling around which I had received earlier, and, at the same time, saw bones in their correct form. That made me happy because it gave me faith that God would peform a miracle.
I took the leg back in time, asked Z if she felt prepared to try walking without the crutches to see if the prayer had had an effect. With my support she had a try and she was able to stand on her left foot which had beforehand been impossible. She still had pain and tension in the leg, staggered and limped but was looking much happier. We prayed again, walked some more and there was more improvement. I checked the length of her legs (before prayer her legs had the same length) but now one was shorter. I prayed for the correction and this happened. Afterwards we chatted with one another and she told me about her life with Jesus.
While she was speaking I saw these straight bones in front of me and deep without I knew the the healing power of God was working. After a while I suggested to Z that we try walking again. She stood up, hardly limped and was able to walk well compared to the other two tries. I let her go and she walked by herself. There was now a new firmness in her gait. She was totally overwhelmed and had to cry.
Later on I met Z again in the foyer. She stood upright with both crutches in one hand and said, “Tomorrow these things will be gone.”
Pastor Georg, you set a new dimesion free for us healers. Yay! You speak and it already happens.

Best wishes,
Astrid (from the Healing Team)

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