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Healing from shoulder problems, Erysipelas (also called St. Anthony’s fire), and a visual defect!

23. April 2021

Dear Georg,

About 3 years ago my mother continually had acute pain in her shoulder. Two years ago it was so bad she was unable to move her shoulder.

We visited a Miracle Service and prayer was received for the shoulder. The healing started – at first it was about 30 %. Over the following 6 months the pain got less and less and for the last 1 ½ years she has been totally pain free and she can now move her shoulder without a problem.

During summer she got Erysipelas (stinging red rash) on her leg. The emergency service put her straight into hospital. Her eyes also became very red from the bacteria and her whole leg (from the knee down) became so red it was almost black. Black lumps could be seen and her temperature rose to over 40 °C.

In hospital she had to have an intravenous antibiotic to avoid an amputation. Whilst in hospital she listened to the Healing Service sermons from Pastor Georg. Suddenly the power of the Holy Spirit was present and during the night the swelling almost disappeared. The nurses and doctors were amazed that it had healed so quickly. She was released from hospital after only 3 days. In this case heavenly and conventional medicine complemented one another!

Moreover, my son went for an eye test which he needed for a learner’s driver’s license. Unfortunately he didn’t pass it! The optician asked if he didn’t want to there-and-then look for a pair of specs (he had 0.5 diopter for the distance), or if he would first like to speak to his parents about it.

We prayed for his eyes at home and full of confidence went to another optician. Unfortunately he didn’t pass this eye test either. And then we went to a third optician and this test was also unsuccessful.

On the Sunday we went to church and received prayer from Pastor Georg for his eyes. On the Monday we drove to the next town to another optician. The eye test was easy and he could see everything clearly! Hurraaahhhh!!!!

Thank you so much for your ministry.


Folge uns

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