Personal miracle reports

Healed from cervical cancer

19. February 2021

A School of Supernatural Life participant reports:

 Dear George and Irina,
Today I wish to briefly tell you that a long-time friend of mine visited me and casually told me that the cervical cancer she had is gone.
When she had visited me 3 weeks ago she told me about the diagnosis as though she had a bad cold. She explained that she would need an operation to cut it out. Funnily I also just took it in a casual way but she has 4 children and it just wasn’t right. We were both tired but God wasn’t and he reminded me at the last minute before her departure at the train station that she does not need the operation because it would be a burden to her and her family. I prayed for her just before the train came and commanded the cancer to leave her body and spoke God’s divine order into her cells. Thank you Jesus!!!!!
That is now “my” second cervical cancer that has been healed!
Best regards,

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