Personal miracle reports

Healing of the hips as well as flat and splay feet, and a calcaneus spur

19. February 2021

About a year ago we were in a service at Glory Life in Stuttgart.
In one of the first services George had 2 words of knowledge for me:
A hip operation was planned and I already had a referral for it at home.
However I had torn the referral up and went to the service believing that God would heal me.
God be praised and thanked, He heard my prayer and since then I have no more problems.
Then George prayed for my feet. I had a calcaneus spur as well as flat and splay feet.
After prayer my feet had completely changed and didn’t fit in my shoes any more.
I took the inner prescription soles out of my shoes and since then do not need them. My feet are healed. To Jesus all the honor!  J.U.

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