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Out of the blue: new employees

24. January 2024

Dear Glory Life Team,

About 3 months ago I had Pastor Georg pray for me because I urgently need employees for my car repair shop in Constance. Anyone who has a business knows that the biggest problem at the moment is finding qualified and responsible employees. I had registered on 6 portals nationwide and had many conversations with job recruiters. However, the result was disastrous: there were so many bad, useless applicants that I actually became afraid of what to do next.
And suddenly, after the prayer, one applicant after the other came to my office, out of the blue, so to speak. The current situation is that I now have more employees than work. God obviously has a great sense of humor. I can only encourage everyone, even in the most hopeless situation, to proclaim God’s glory and His victory! Keeping at it is crucial! S.v.B.

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