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God alone is the decider

24. January 2024

About 4 months ago I had an appointment with a urologist because I had a frequent urge to urinate and my PSA level was elevated (2.0). About 4 weeks ago I went back to the urologist for a check-up. To my horror, the PSA value had quadrupled to 8.0: suspected prostate cancer. Nobody can use that, but I don’t have time for a thousand radiotherapy sessions with side effects.
I had someone pray for me after the church service in Filderstadt. The impression was: everything should scare me, there is no cancer! I had an MRI done. Result: prostate fine, but strong suspicion of cancer in the rectum. Not so encouraging, but I sensed that the enemy had simply changed its strategy. I then had a colonoscopy done.

The result: the bowel is completely fine, a cyst in the rectum was removed at the same time. I often get the impression that doctors decide over health and life and death. I fell into a kind of surrender to fate, a dependence on medicine. This robbed me of any view of the reality that God alone is the decision-maker here! There is no question in my mind that doctors are important and have a function. But they never decide on life and death!!!

Thank you again for your prayers, best regards from Constance, S.v.B.

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