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Healed after prayer – no more epileptic seizures for almost 3 years     

31. October 2022
In June 2019, I was in church service with my daughter (now 16.5 yrs) when Pastor George said that there was someone who had been praying for a child who had epilepsy for some time and that God wanted to heal the child today. Determined, I stood up for my (shy)daughter. After Pastor George prayed for deliverance and complete healing I felt faith come into me that my daughter is healed. In the following days I waited for a sign from the Holy Spirit – what should be the next (faith) step…maybe stop the medication? I did not talk about this with my daughter. However, I knew that she had refused to do so just a few weeks ago during a conversation with the neurologist. So I trusted that the Holy Spirit himself would prepare her for the next step. Some time later, my daughter suddenly expressed a desire to slowly wean off the medication. Now she has not taken any medication since February 2021 and has not had any epileptic seizures since then. All EEG examinations remained unremarkable. Thank you Jesus! All glory to HIM! Best regards E.P.
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