Material miracle

Socket functions again after prayer

Good evening Pastor Georg, In about the middle of March the flip switch on my lamp broke and as a result the multiple socket was defect. A few days later I tried it out again without success. I therefore used another socket for approximately a week. Because I forgot my cell phone there a few times and had nothing to read on the train I decided to try the socket again. I prayed and moved it about...

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Spine problems healed, praise and worship music continues after the CD-player is switched off

The first cervical vertebra of my spine frequently hurts. After Pastor Georg laid hands on me the pain has gone.  At a conference I bought one of Pastor Irina’s music CDs which I enjoy hearing in the car. The following has happened three times. During the praise I could suddenly hear a loud heartbeat alongside the music. Once I tried to switch off – I even took the ignition key out, switched the...

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God’s guidance when buying a car

We are enjoying our nice new car and are very thankful (see testimony from last year). Nevertheless, we’ve noticed that one car just isn’t enough. My son and I drove all over the place looking for a used car. Eventually my son said to me, “Dad, this searching is getting on my nerves and I don’t want to anymore. Somehow I think God will show us which car we should buy…” The phone rang and it was...

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Simply “driven through” by an oncoming car

DruckenE-MailHello Pastor Georg, I was driving home from my construction site. The road is quite narrow so I kept to the right in a left curve. Out of the blue a car came directly towards me and something – I reckon an angel – grabbed and turned my steering wheel to the right and back again. I drove with the left half of my car through the oncoming car. The only thing I felt was a light stroke...

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Re-materialization of tablet – Recovery after stroke

Dear Pastor Georg, Irina, Brothers & Sisters, A few months ago I was in Munich and had my tablet with me. The following morning I asked my husband to give me my tablet from out of the basket. He said it wasn’t there. He started a search for it and my husband, unlike me, always finds what he is looking for, but he didn’t find it. I started to look for it myself but also couldn’t find it. I...

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Re-materialization miracle – cardigan turns up again

I’ve experienced a super re-materialization miracle. Two years ago I bought a light blue cardigan which was a favorite, and during winter last year it disappeared. My husband and I both time and again searched for it in my wardrobe but couldn’t find it. I thought it must have got in between my summer clothes and that it will reappear when I pack away the winter stuff, and get the summer clothes...

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Supernatural ring tone

A few weeks ago, I was surprised that my smartphone all of a sudden began to play praise music from Pastor Irina. I took it in my hand and saw that a call had come in. I was happy about this sign and then forgot about it. Yesterday I was in a queue to pay in a shop. When it was my turn to pay my phone rung with Irina singing “Jesus you have borne our sufferings…” I smiled at the sales lady and...

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Wrist watch starts to supernaturally work again

Dear Pastors Georg and Irina, I have experienced a miracle with my watch. When I woke up on 5 August I heard the Holy Spirit say, “The time is now new”. I then went to church and we celebrated communion. When I got home I noticed that my watch wasn’t working. The Holy Spirit then reminded that I have another watch. The inner face was warped so, since 2016, the watch did not function properly....

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Washing machine functions again

Although my washing machine was only 2 years old, it showed “Heating Error” on the digital display. My daughter said I should call the technician but I didn’t do this. The following week when I wanted to do washing I put my hand on the machine and said, “Function again! Function correctly in the Name of Jesus!” And indeed, the error message was gone and the machine washed normally. No need for...

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Dishwasher functions again

Dear Pastor Georg, On Thursday during Glory Life School when you saw an angel repairing an appliance by someone in their kitchen, I knew inwardly that it was at my place. You said we should try an appliance that had not been functioning so I tested my dishwasher that night. It had not been working for 4 weeks and lo and behold it is working again. Thank you Jesus for this miracle! Thank you...

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Lost key turns up

Hello my Dears, My not yet born again husband and I had a holiday on the North Sea over New Year. On our last day my husband knocked on our apartment door after just having fetched fresh bread rolls for breakfast. I wondered why he knocked because he had a key. As I opened the door he immediately told me he had lost his key. We searched everywhere, including in our jacket pockets. My first...

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Business carries on despite blocked account

Hello Dear Pastor Georg, My account for employment ads is blocked at the moment because I am unable to pay my account. For a few days I have been praying, resisted the enemy and demanded my needs that tenants and guests come and nothing is held back. Today, via the advertising platform in which I am blocked and my offers deactivated, a request for free rooms came in. It is humanly impossible for...

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