Personal miracle reports

Healed through forgiveness and the supply of a stroller

19. February 2021

Last year in autumn I suddenly got a rash – lots of little red dots that itched and they multiplied overnight. I wondered whether I should go to church because I wasn’t sure if it was contagious…
I then did decide to go to church, and to later return home without a rash :-).
After the service I had a long and intensive chat with Irina which led to the conclusion that I should forgive my previous employer. I had already forgiven her often but there was so much that happened. I now understand more what Jesus meant with 7 times 70!
Yip, I decided to forgive her and gave the whole thing to God and then Irina prayed for me. I noticed that the rash started to decrease.
Irina said that it would go completely.
When I got home I remembered that my boss had given me some tea and I still had 2 or 3 teabags of it. I decided to make a cup of tea and told God that I forgive my earlier boss, and that drinking this tea is symbolic of this forgiveness. The rash decreased even more after the cup of tea and over the rest of the day I drank more tea being always conscious of forgiving.
When the tea was finished the rash was completely gone. Thank you Jesus!

The supply of a stroller
I’ve prayed for about a month that God would supply us with a stroller for our expected child – they cost from 2 to 300 Euro.
I thanked God that He would do it. This week I was having lunch with a colleague and she asked me if we already had a baby stroller.
“No!” was my answer. She said that she still had one from her daughter, that it was very dusty but that I could have it.
I am so happy! We fetched it the next day! God is so good!
Ask, and it’ll be given to you!

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