Personal miracle reports

Favor and help when buying a watch

17. February 2021

Recently I was led by the Holy Spirit to donate toward the new church building.
For ages I’d been on the look-out for a watch that hadn’t been in production over the last 10 years which made it very rare and hard to find.
I was considering buying the watch in a still available form of this series and have the rare face built in which would have been complicated and costly.
At church on Sunday I made the donation for the new church building.
On the following Thursday I spotted the long sought after watch at Chrono24
which a shop in England had placed. I acted immediately. The watch was in very good condition which isn’t always the norm for a 10 year old watch.
I saved the approximate amount I donated by not having to have the face of the watch converted.
That is an early Christmas present. Thank you Jesus.
Regards, E.T.W.

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