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Prayer and faith: thyroid gland brought from extreme underactivity to normal function

30. November 2022


I would like to share with you such a great testimony from my life. 
19 years ago, doctors diagnosed hypothyroidism, which also caused very severe effects on my health – such as weight, fatigue and also mood swings. For years I had to fight this disease again and again, which had to do with different doses of the tablets. 
In June 2021, I surrendered my life to the Lord and grew steadily in faith in my Father. Finally this year on 04/03/2022 I gave my yes to the Lord and was baptized. 
A good 7 weeks ago, I went to the doctor again because I found that I had a very hard time swallowing and my weight was rapidly going up again. As a result, the doctor had to tell me that my lower level is 16, which is very bad and I have to take a dose then of 200mg. My final solution was to ask the Lord for help as I was tired of this constant up and down. When my brothers and sisters in the faith group prayed for me, I noticed a change in my neck while praying. My sister advised me not to be fearful but to accept it in faith. 
On 05.09.2022 I did another blood test according to the doctor’s advice and then I could experience a mighty miracle. What for years the doctor did not manage, however, my heavenly Father managed to do. He brought my thyroid gland from under-function to normal function from a value of-16 to -1.  

We should not always trust this world right away, but our Almighty God. Jesus Christ did not let Himself be beaten for our diseases in vain, but to set us free. We must never forget that. Praise to the Lord. AMEN. 
Kind regards and God’s rich blessing, I.H. 

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