Personal miracle reports

God fulfills my dream for a coat

10. February 2021

Dear Pastor Georg,
God gives us our heart’s wish.
I received a little present for Christmas from God through a family. It was a big surprise for me and I did not know how to thank for it.
This was a sign of divine supply for me with many surprises coming up in the new year.
I have always wanted a bordeaux red coat. I never told anyone about this and never thought my wish would be fulfilled because the coat is very expensive, and my children and grandchildren always come first
Before Christmas I looked for presents for my family and looked at the coat once again. It was so beautiful but it had to remain a dream because it was too expensive.
I was at church on 30 December 2018 and a lady approached me with a green plastic bag and said, “This is for you and it’s sure to fit. Be blessed, it’s warm and wear it with joy.”
When I looked into the bag I was speechless and did not know how to react – there was a dark bordeaux red, brand new real wool coat in it. I fitted me like a glove.
I thanked my heavenly Father and asked Him to bless the lady and to give seven million fold back to her.
God is amazing, generous, full of love and surprises.
Thank you Father.
Praise the Lord.

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