Personal miracle reports

Time reduction and break-up of a traffic jam on way to a Glory Home Group

10. February 2021

On 20 February my Glory Home Group at Angelika’s started at 7.30 pm. I worked until 7 pm and I knew I wouldn’t make the distance of 40 miles on time. I left work at 5 after 7 and prayed, “Father, I want to get there on time.” There was a heavy traffic jam so I commanded it to break up and flow, and proclaimed that I would be punctual. I changed to the left lane and suddenly was driving faster and was amazed when I looked in my rear view mirror that the traffic was way behind me. I arrived at Angelika’s at 25 past 7 –only a 20 minute drive. Going home also only took me a half an hour for the 42 miles. 

Praise the Lord!

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