Personal miracle reports

Metastases disappear and other healings occur in the environment of a co-worker!

19. February 2021

My colleague’s mother had cancer of the bladder and was scheduled for an operation at the end of February.
I suggested that she brings a cloth or scarf from her mother so that I could take it with to the Miracle Weekend in Stuttgart with Jeff Jansen. I laid the cloth in the basket on Saturday at 3 p.m. and a reaction started then with this mother. Until the mother received the cloth on the Monday afternoon she had had a “positive” dizziness – I can’t describe it better than that. She was feeling really good with this dizziness – I think she was drunk in the Spirit. She also had a numb feeling in the middle of her lip.
That week the doctors again examined her and were no longer able to find metastases in her lungs or lymph glands. Hallelujah!
The bladder was taken out at the end of February and the tests she had afterwards confirmed that she was free of cancer!
I’m now praying (decreeing) that she receives a fully functional new bladder.

My other colleague had acute back pain (slipped disc) at the beginning of January. We met at a training session on the weekend and she wasn’t sure if she would be able to work on the Monday so I offered her prayer I could feel that the power was strong when I laid hands on her. We met on Monday at 8.30 a.m., and she was beaming from ear to ear so I knew immediately what had happened. She was completely without pain and couldn’t understand that it could be possible without having had an injection – she’d never experienced anything like it before – and usually even with an injection one still has some pain. Since then she hasn’t had any more back pain which is for her a miracle.


My uncle had bad flu and didn’t recover from it even after 4 weeks. I phoned him to invite him to my birthday and that’s when he told me all about it. I promised that I would pray for him. Already after 2 days I heard via my mother that he would be coming to my birthday because he feels so much better since we talked to me on the phone.
Best regards from Christine H from Hamburg

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