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Heart healed

17. February 2021

Hello George, Irina and Glory Life Team,

In 2009 I was diagnosed with myocardial insufficiency.
Last year in February my heart stood still. Luckily my husband was at home when it happened. He immediately phoned my doctor and also the doctor on emergency call. My doctor came straight away and massaged my heart and then the emergency doctor arrived. I was taken to the Reutlingen Hospital in an ambulance and put into a coma.
After a few days they slowly brought me back. I thought it was all a dream and wanted to wake from it. When I was again fully conscious the doctors didn’t want to tell me why I was in hospital. They wanted to protect me, were afraid my heart would stop again from the shock of hearing what was wrong with me. I felt fine except my breast hurt because of the heart massage from my doctor.
I underwent many examinations but they couldn’t find the reason for my cardiac arrest. They advised me to have a defibrillator implanted. If Jesus hadn’t spoken to me so clearly I would not have had this operation. Jesus was and is always with me.
Before my heart stopped I often had thoughts of returning to George’s church. I went in June 2016 with my sister to the Glory and Miracle Service. I noticed just how much I had missed fellowship over the last years.
On 17 July 2016 George received a word of knowledge from God that someone was being healed of myocardial insufficiency. I knew immediately that God meant me. He touched me so that my heart-beat got stronger and stronger, and I felt so warm.
Since that day I haven’t taken any heart tablets and I’m fine.
The doctors are unable to find any myocardial insufficiency in me and are also happy about it.
Hallelujah, I’m so thankful to Jesus that He has healed me. My blood values have also never been so good as now.
Jesus has done so much for me.
I thank Jesus for George, Irina and for the whole Glory Life Team. One can really feel the anointing on this church.
Best regards,

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