Personal miracle reports

God straightens the body and foot begins to glow in the Glory

17. February 2021

Last Thursday when I was watching Glory Life School online, the Glory of God came upon me like never before.

God restored many things in my body and above all I felt Him straightening me via my bones and muscles etc..
When I’m in certain posotions my body is crooked, e.g. when I kneel.
However, at the end of the lesson I sat happily with straight legs on the floor and blissfully looked at my right foot – it glowed. There was a veil of light around it, even the area around it became lighter and the sole must’ve also glowed because I could see indirect light like a beam reflecting from it. That touched me very much.
My right foot feels very warm while writing these lines to you.
I thank God for leading me on this path of Glory and for all the miracles He has done on me and others. I also wish to thank you all for starting this online school.
In the Name of Jesus you are all very blessed.
Fondest love,

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