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New job contracts offering more salary

17. February 2021

Dear Glory Life Team,
Last Sunday I was in one of your services for the first time and have been very blessed. When we returned from an action holiday (hiking and mountain biking) I had no knee problems and back pain (which I suffered from for years after such holidays – I’m the father of 3 teenage boys) I found two new job contracts offering more salary in our postbox…
Since last Sunday our marriage has also discernibly improved. I am a lot happier and more confident…
I’m nearly finished reading the book from Pastor George, “Journey into Glory”. I’m so thankful for this book because it has helped me to understand the Bible better and has given me a big appetite for the Word of God (it’s the best book I’ve read for ages and I read a lot…)
Over the last years quite a few things went wrong in my life. I was frustrated and somewhat depressed. Until last Sunday I was unable to answer the question with yes as to whether I’m saved. Thank God I went forward for the altar call…
Over the last few years I worked in vocational guidance. Until end of July I was 55% permanently employed and on the other two days I worked as a freelancer for another firm. Since 1 September I’m now 75% permanently employed and now work only one day as a freelancer (my wife is very relieved about this).
God bless,

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