Personal miracle reports

Supernatural provision when shopping and job hunting

17. February 2021

On New Year’s Eve Pastor George prophesied miracles of supply for the new year which I urgently needed. He also prophesied that we would be at the right place at the right time. 

A few days later I went into Woolworth just as the leftover Christmas sweets and chocolates were being reduced from 50% to 90%. I straightaway packed my bicycle bags full and thought the prophecy had been fulfilled.
But that was just an appetizer.
Early in the year I went to a Sunday evening church service in a church I normally didn’t go to. Someone who seemed to know me spoke to me and after some small talk about how I was doing he wrote on one of the programs the name of a firm which was advertising a job.
You get these well-intentioned tips often which mostly come to nothing. I nevertheless looked into it and found out that it was a large firm which even had two personnel managers, the one being the guy who gave me the tip.
As a result of further coincidences, God made sure that I was inwardly and outwardly in best form for the interview and was able to convince the decision makers to give me the job.
For me, the prophecy has now been entirely fulfilled!

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