Personal miracle reports

Free from acute problems in the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae

30. April 2021

Dear Healing Team,
I was honored to experience healing during the Miracle Service in June. I had a blockage of the spine and couldn’t breathe properly, couldn’t lift my arms higher than 90 degrees and couldn’t walk upright. During the service Pastor Georg prayed for me and afterwards I was able to lift my arms higher and the pain was gone and is still gone!
On the 17th August I was again honored to receive healing. This time Pastor Georg had a word of knowledge that someone was there that had problems with the lumbar region. I’d had problems there for ages and had started to trip on the slightest unevenness with my right leg. I put my hand up and was called to the front.
Pastor Georg sat me down in a chair and told me to give him my legs. He held them on my heels and we saw that my left leg was approx. 1 cm shorter than the right leg. He prayed that the legs would have the same length.
It felt as though something walked down the inside of my leg. At first my leg grew longer than my right leg and then they eventually evened out. After this the pain was gone and it has remained that way. I also no longer trip up.
Praise and thanks go to our Doctor and Lord Jesus Christ!

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