Personal miracle reports

Healing of the spine

17. February 2021

Hello Pastor Georg,
It is so wonderful when God takes over. The question is though, do we claim it.
With me it is often the case that I am unable to control it and I find that super because then it’s the will of God taking place and not mine.
I experienced healing of the cervical spine in various stages. On a Thursday in our school you said that someone is receiving a new disc between the 3rd and 4th vertebrae – that was me. It was before the sermon I held in our church. I had pain in the neck. During prayer in the Glory Life School, Astrid prayed for my cervical vertebrae and I had the impression that my spine was straightened. Seemingly, however, an intervertebral disc was caught because I suddenly had pain between the 3rd and 4th vertebrae. On that evening when you mentioned this I prayed and told God that it would be impossible for me to preach with this pain and He (God) put it right. I am overwhelmed with what God did and I praise and honor Him!
Best regards, T.A.

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