Can move freely again after lumbar vertebra grown together with sacrum

Last weekend during the conference in Handenberg, Austria, I followed up on being told to lay a hand on a part of the body that is in pain. After the prayer from Pastor Georg my spine started to move from above to below. It felt like each and every vertebra was moving one after another like in waves. I was able to move my back like it had not been possible for ages! According to an old diagnosis...

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Lady healed from back problems

Dear Pastor Georg, I was the carer for an elderly couple. On the one day when the nurse from the nursing service arrived, she was crying. I put my arm around her. She didn’t want to talk and could only bend under extreme pain. The Holy Spirit said to me, “Pray for her back and tell it to line up into God’s order.” I asked what her problem was and if I may pray. She said she had acute pain and I...

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Cervical spine and movement restriction healed

Hello Pastor Georg, Today I was able to pray for a customer's wife who had problems for years with the 5th and 6th vertebrae. To begin with she refused prayer but during our conversation about Glory Life Church and our miracle news leaflet, she opened up and accepted the offer for prayer. I prayed for her like we learned in the Glory Life School and, as I took a step away from her, suddenly all...

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