Personal miracle reports

A man from our church prayed for a carer and she is healed permanently from a pinched sciatic nerve!

30. April 2021

Our carer arrived last week with pain and she could hardly move. She said that her sciatic nerve had worried her all day. Just as she wanted to go home she stood stiff and sore in front of me and said that she definitely had to see the doctor to get an injection…

I spontaneously said that she could get an immediate injection from Dr. Jesus. Before she could understand what I was talking about I was already praying for her with the laying on of my hands. Totally dumbfounded she carefully tried to bend down which she had been unable to do beforehand. She said, “I can’t believe it, that just cannot be?!” I laid my hands on her a second time and the power of God flowed even more so that she could feel a glowing heat. She was able to go home totally pain free.

Even the next day and those following she remained without pain. She didn’t need the doctor!

With love, H.P.B.

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