Personal miracle reports

Healing from a pinched nerve and movement disability

4. June 2021

God is really alive!!!
Yesterday afternoon when I got up from the sofa a nerve in the spine got pinched. I had terrible pain from my head to the hips. The whole day I was unable to move my head properly, couldn’t lift my left arm and just couldn’t move correctly. Nevertheless, I decided to do to church and ask Pastor Georg to pray for me.
As he prayed I could feel the power of God in me and suddenly all the pain was gone and I could move my head freely again. As I was about to leave the church the pain returned and I thought, “What’s that?!” I recalled that a chiropractor once had said to me that the treatment would continue to have an effect and that I should take care for a while. On my way home I thought of God continuing with His work and thanked Him in advance for healing. At home I still couldn’t lift my arm and was in pain. I had to do some tidying and during this just continued to thank for the healing. Suddenly I felt a warmth flow through me and I automatically lifted my arm without any pain. I turned my head and had no more pain. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ……
I again have given my whole life to God. When God can do this on me then I’m sure he can also work through me….

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