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Due to an anointed cloth my grandson is healed from asthma

12. February 2021

My Dears,

yesterday my 4 year old grandson had an asthma attack. Spray and inhaling did not help. He was also coughing. My husband and I drove to my son and then prayed for over an hour for the little one. I phoned my son this morning to find out how our grandson was doing. He said there was no improvement.

At church I decided to put a cloth in the basket for prayer and anointing and then take it to our grandson. During the service I prayed for him. When we got there after the service he was breathing heavily and he didn’t look well at all. I then laid the anointed cloth on him and prayed. After 5 minutes his breathing improved and after 10 minutes he became merry and his breathing became normal. The cough was gone. I asked him how he was feeling and he just laughed and then went off to play with his brothers. Praise God – he was healed within 10 minutes!


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