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90 year old awakes out of a coma

12. February 2021

Hello Beloved,
Day-before-yesterday a neighbor told me that her 90 year old mother-in-law in Italy had been in a coma for 4 days after falling and injuring her head.
I prayed for her and commanded in the Name of Jesus that she awakes out of the coma to live normally.
Yesterday I heard that her 92 year old husband and her son were with her and at the moment that I prayed she opened her eyes. She said to her husband, “Why have you taken so long to come and visit me? Where am I? . . . In which hospital? What happened?”
They told her that she had fallen and injured her head. She answered, “Who me? Are you joking? That cannot be!“ She asked her son, “Why are you alone, where is your wife?”
Amazing, this woman awoke from a coma and started joking around with her relations and they all cried for joy!
My neighbor phoned her sister in Italy again and told her that I had prayed for the old lady. She immediately praised God.
Kind regards,

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