Personal miracle reports

Full recovery after massive head/brain trauma

30. November 2022

I am writing to continue the miracle of my son who was dead in the car on 09/08/2019 after massive traumatic brain injury and came back through prayer. The Lord told me that Robin will go back to a normal school from September 2020. He was previously in a physically disabled school after the accident in Germany because he was still very slowed down. During the summer vacations, the Lord spoke that things would continue for us in Switzerland. In confidence we moved with the whole family to Switzerland, where my husband was already working. I asked the Lord which school Robin should go to and immediately He showed me a private Christian school. You have to know that in rehab they said that Robin will not be able to attend a normal school anymore. I went there to check out the school. Unable to explain to this day, I sit in the principal’s room and explain the situation to her. The next day he went to see the school and both Robin and the teachers were totally enthusiastic. He got along well there and with each year had a better report card, including reading grade, in English 6, which is 1 in Germany, with ”broken” language center. He now skis, bikes, stand-up paddles, swims and has never needed a doctor for the aftermath of the accident. In the meantime, he enjoys working in retail. We know that God is not finished yet, but that He will be finished.
Shalom K.U.

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