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After a word of knowledge and prayer: complete freedom from fear of man

29. November 2022

I was at the service in Augsburg on Friday and would like to share a testimony: 
When Pastor Georg had the word of knowledge that people with fears and insecurities should come forward, I immediately felt addressed. All my life I have been dealing with extreme fears and have known for several years that I need deliverance. God has already set me free from much else where demons also came out, but the fear was still persistent.
After working through some trauma and emotional abuse with Jesus and good counseling, I still missed having a deep relationship with God the Father. So I attended a seminar on God the Father and I went to Augsburg for the final breakthrough right after the seminar for the service. The deepest cause of this fear and insecurity was this Father wound. It sat very deep inside me, it was a deep insecurity in my person, my identity. As soon as I met people, I was no longer sure who I was or what I really wanted.
After Pastor George made the call, I felt a deep hole in me being closed up. Afterwards, he prayed for me and I received a violent release that knocked me to the ground. The fear had finally gone, which showed itself in many situations, especially as soon as people were around me. I also had the permanent feeling of having no natural boundaries, for example, when people told me something about themselves, it poured unhindered into my interior and burdened me for several days. This natural protection around my heart is now more active, and I can even drive a car in a relaxed way. Thank you for your ministry and for demonstrating the power of God!!! Love and God’s mighty blessings, J.R. 

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