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Immediate healing and further healing process initiated 

31. October 2022
During the Healing Seminar at the Easter Conference “Alive” in Winterthur, Pastor Georg Karl asked who had something wrong with their hip. I came forward, some others too, and was surprised that Pastor Georg pulled me out. He spoke of how God can turn artificial joints back into bone, but that HE can also adjust the artificial joints to function as if they were natural. Pastor George only touched my hips with his fingertips. He probably sensed that God was doing something – I didn’t notice anything at first. Pastor George probably sensed that God was rotating the joints. I only noticed that I was swaying slightly, in the body itself I felt no movements, no getting hot, tingling or anything like others reported. After the movements came to rest, I was encouraged to turn and lift my legs, which was fine before, and then bend over, which I couldn’t do because I also have an artificial knee joint. So Pastor Georg also prayed for the knee. After that I was encouraged to run. Which I did carefully. Pastor Georg took me by the hand and we ran through the whole hall. And because it was so nice, we ran a second time. I haven’t been able to do that since 2012! (Time of accident with tibial plateau fracture – hips came in 2014) Also squats went flawlessly!!! During the later worship time, I had an urgent need to kneel – and I could! I knelt before my Lord on the hard (!) ground and wept. During a family trip on Easter Monday, daughter and grandson shouted after me (after me!) that I shouldn’t run like that. Hihi. So far, it’s been more the other way around. I can also finally use my hula hoop properly without it falling off. In the past, I couldn’t do the twisting movements well and the hula hoop kept falling down. Even getting in and out of the car is no problem now. U.O.
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