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Vision improved from +10 to +5 diopters

10. February 2021

Dear Glory Life Team,

I was born with glaucoma in both eyes. When I was 17 years old the lens was removed from my left eye and later a cornea was implanted in it.
In 2002, because of a cataract, the lens was removed from my right eye and replaced with an artificial lens
. I can only see with the left eye with special glasses because I don’t have an artificial lens in it.
Two weeks ago I was at the ophthalmologist and she found that my diopter had been minimized from +10 to +5. My medical history is long and complicated and my ophthalmologist was so astonished that she could not believe it. This change in diopter has occurred in the eye where the lens is missing! I said, “Maybe it is a miracle?” She answered that in ophthalmology there are no miracles. Last week I again went to the ophthalmologist to apply for new glasses because I can no longer see through the old ones. Nothing had changed – my diopter was still the same as the last measurement. She could not understand it and shook he head. She had never heard or seen anything like it during the many years of her career. I will be getting new glasses and I’m excited to see how well I can see with them.
Thank you Jesus for this creative miracle. For me it is a sensation.

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