Personal miracle reports

I received a new life and colon cancer disappears

17. February 2021

Dear Glory Life Team,

I wish to testify about 2 mighty miracles.
After a Glory House day two of us visited a lady in hospital with leukemia and kidney failure. She had to go on the dialysis daily and had been bedridden for months.
She received Jesus as Lord and she is now walking again after prayer. The lady has recovered so well that they have discharged her from hospital to go to a rehab clinic.
Recently another lady got the diagnosis that she had colon cancer and a part of her colon had to be removed. The doctors wanted to operate a second time because they discovered cancer elsewhere in her body. We wanted to visit this lady in hospital but she said that we didn’t need to – we just need to speak the word and God would heal and that is exactly what happened! We prayed for her and the doctors said she no longer needs any further operations – there is no more cancer to be found.
Isn’t Jesus wonderful???!!!!
With love, T.P.

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