Personal miracle reports

Policeman dreams of solutions to cases and heals the sick in the name of Jesus

17. February 2021

My cousin Paul (in Russia) started work as a criminal investigation policeman.

He was brought up knowing God but abstained because he thought that God did not want him to work as a policeman.
There is no church in his city and he noticed that something was missing. Therefore he started to thank God every night for his day and prayed in tongues.
Our God is a loving father.
When Paul was given criminal cases to investigate – whether theft or murder etc., after praying at night he would see in a dream what actually took place. At work he discloses the case in detail and tells who has to be arrested.
Paul practiced this “method” diligently and always prayed in the evening and in the morning.
Together with God he was promoted on the career ladder so that he eventually became the chief of the criminal police department in the whole region!
I phoned with him recently and told him about the healings that take place in our church. Last Wednesday Paul phoned me laughing – he said, “I’m successful and now I also heal people. Seven sicknesses have already disappeared and the pancreas of a colleague’s son was cured.”
Because there is no church in his area he simply took what I had said, practiced it and had such wonderful results!
Thank you Jesus!  N.F.

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