Personal miracle reports

Abundant financial supply

17. February 2021

Financially we only always just had enough. However, since our finances were prayed for at church on 13 August we now have ordered a new car which only cost half of the new price, and we are receiving the money to pay for it from someone. When I returned to work after our summer holiday someone had exchanged my office chair. I now had a squeaky one. The first miracle: I didn’t get upset and phoned the janitor and asked if he was able to repair it. The result: I got a new one and now have the best chair in the office. And, on top of that, in June I ordered a cordless screwdriver. Shortly afterwards a succeeding model came out with twice as much power. Luckily mine gave a few problems and I could return it. I now have the new model for only an extra charge of €30. It’s a real professional device for only 40 % of the new price.
Next thing is that my nephew is getting married in January in Finland. To begin with it seemed it wouldn’t be possible financially to make the trip. My son and I prayed and we got the money. And how could this work out differently? At first the flight was more expensive and usually the prices go up. However, we suddenly found a totally cheap flight… Despite the annual bills our bank account is looking so good that we’re thinking about getting a second smaller car because it gets really complicated with the driving and working…
I can only marvel at how much God has changed our finances. Thank you Jesus!!

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