Personal miracle reports

Foot shrinks and many other miracles!

4. June 2021

Dear Pastor Georg,
On the 2nd October 2013 I was in the service in Deggendorf.
For years I’d had a problem when buying shoes. It wasn’t easy finding a pair as my right foot was a shoe size bigger than my left foot.

When I told you my problem, you laid your hand on the longer foot and it got smaller. After checking their length you laid your hand on the foot again and the result was: both feet are now the same size! Yoohooo!!!
I’m really looking forward to buying my next shoes!
In addition I’d like you to know that over the last two months I took someone with me to the service each time. In both cases they said the same, “I felt at home straight away – felt as though I belonged.” And both people received the NEW LIFE!


And here in short the news of miracles/healings that I’d received during the Glory and Miracle Service:

-Healed from poor vision
-Bodily tissue was strengthened

-Ear wax was newly produced in the left ear (which had lapsed)

-Someone received a new bladder
-All kinds of movement disabilities were healed

And, and, and …

I was only conscious of some healings days later, THANK YOU!

Best regards, E.

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